Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer

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Great photo of Kate Moss back in '94 with big lips & strong brows. The lace vest is so 90s aswell. Love it. # 90smakeup #Linerwasking #Dawnofthesupermodel

Lana Del Rey #lanadelreyaesthetic Lana Del Rey #lanadelreyaesthetic Lana Del Rey

Brad Pitt w młodości – Brad Pitt – jak sie zmieniał – zdjęcia aktora sprzed lat – Życie gwiazd – Newsy – Zdjęcie 3 –

20 Female Celebrities with Inspiring Short Hairstyles – #CELEBRITIES #Female #Hairstyles #Inspiring #Short

Detective Tom Hanson from 21 Jump Street Strictly speaking, his character wasn't high school-age. But two words for you: Johnny Depp. Case closed. 536350636872484487

Julia Stiles. A degree from Columbia and beautiful!


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